We need your help. We appreciate all of our parents and encourage everyone to participate in any way that they can.
What you can do:

1.    Attend monthly Booster meetings.  

2.    Get on our e-mail list. Please contact us at rmhsmusic@gmail.com, and provide us with your name and email address so we can keep you informed of meetings, upcoming events and fundraisers.

3.    Please volunteer when help is requested. 

Most people are  not aware of the full range of jobs that must be done for the marching band and color guard to operate.  Students and band staff have very full schedules that focus on learning and improving drill and music.  These efforts involve real personal sacrifice, but do provide enormous personal growth opportunities as well.

The professional band staff make many of the plans for the band.  However, they truly cannot perform all the ancillary jobs needed to put the band on the field, nor can the marching band members themselves.  Parents must step up and participate as well.  It sometimes seems to take four full years of band participation for parents to become aware of all the behind the scenes work that is done.  The work does not end after marching band season. 

A list of some volunteer opportunities are listed below. If you are interested or would like further information, please contact us at rmhsmusic@gmail.com.  

Home Football Games (Set up bleacher area where the band sits during football games, hand out water during games, watch instruments when students are on break, chaperone)

50/50 Raffle (Sell 50/50 tickets at a football game. The Boosters keep half the money raised)

Back to School Night (Donate baked goods for the students to sell that evening)

Band Competitions (Donate food, serve food to students, assist in bringing props to the field)

Transportation (For each competition, we need someone to rent and drive a 25 foot truck.  The truck is needed to transport all the instruments, equipment, props, uniforms, and food to and from the competitions.  A regular driver’s license is all that is required to drive the truck. Rental fees and gas will be reimbursed by the Boosters)

Fundraisers (Although we have some fundraisers already planned, we need a committee of parents dedicated to developing even more fundraising ideas that can be completed throughout the year)

Historian (We need someone to take pictures of the students at football games, competitions and concerts. The pictures can be used to add to the yearbook or possibly create a digital memory DVD that could be sold to the Marching Band and Color Guard families)

Uniforms (Assistance is needed each year to help organize and distribute the marching band uniforms)

 Board Position (We need parents who will consider being on a board position next year as president, vice president, treasurer, recording secretary or corresponding secretary)